meFor many years the question about my profession just put me into a blind alley. And really how could it be explained, that I'm a Religious Studies specialist, who has been a webmaster for more than 10 years, interested in the history and culture of Denmark, speak Russian, Danish and English and is leading several different personal Internet projects by translating, taking interviews, writing articles and taking pictures.

My numerous translations and publications from the Dansk.Ru site can confirm the fact that I can write (list of scholar publications and other author's articles can be found here). My photos you can find here. I also published something on other sites, there are some stock photos, some photos were published other places for example Encyclopedia of Religions 2008 (Academichesky Project). 

About my IT-experience (webmaster, webprogrammer, webdesigner) can be seen in my projects, some of them were made by me alone and are supported to the current time. 

I believe that past experience may compensate the fact, that I have no formal journalistic education and it gives me the right to call myself Internet Photojournalist. In any case I have a patchwork identity in Anthony Giddens' terms...

If you see me as an ideal colleague, and my many interests are just a plus for your company, you can contact me and I will gladly discuss any proposal.

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