Deltagelse i konferencer og kongresser

— International Conference “Secularism and Beyond – Comparative Perspectives”. Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007.
— Religious Studies Conference at Södertörn University College “Religion on the Borders: New Challenges in the Academic Study of Religion”. Stockholm, Sweden, 2007. 
— Spirit and Spirituality. Nordic Systematic Theology Conference 2007. Hillerød, Denmark, 2007.
— 7th International Conference of the Utopian Studies Society. Tarragona, Spain, 2006. 
— International Symposium “Church and State in Romania and Central Europe Today”. Iasi, Romania, 2005.
— Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference “Gender and Knowledge”. Turku, Finland, 2005. 
— VI Congress of Ethnologists and Anthropologists in Russia. St. Petersburg, Russia, 2005.
— The 19th World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, Tokyo, Japan, 2005.
— “15 Years After”: ISORECEA Conference 2004. Budapest – Piliscsaba, Hungary Republic, 2004.

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