Portrait Photography

For many years I was more into landscape photography. I was shy to photograph people, and I never think about doing it before. Not once! During the springtime 2015 I was on a photo course by Jan Brødslev Olsen, and some people there said I'm good with photographing people. "What about my landscapes?" -  I asked them hopefully. "They are good... for Visit Denmark" ,- that was the answer, which changed my angle of view. ;) Now I make more photo sessions with children and adults, and some of them are also shy - just like me! Sometimes people say me that they see themselves into new eyes. This is my eyes and my vision, which - I hope! - can help them in their future.

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From the photos below: my husband is my best friend and model. :)


Model: Maria Molchanova - Saint Petersburg, 2015


Model: Larisa Martinova - Aarhus, 2015


russian danishenglish

Guided tours in Nordjylland

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