Christian Variety of Thinking

St.-Petersburg, 2004. 96 pp.

My dictionary "Christian Variety of Thinking" introduces the reader to various movements that took place in Christianity from the time of its appearance till the present day. When researching Christian variety of thinking, one can singe out specific features that separate it from the position of the official Church. First of all, it is non-acceptance of dogmatic, traditional and ceremonial aspects of church life and often it is a new interpretation of the Holy Scripture.

The spectrum of Christian teachings outside "the Church fence" is very wide and we tried to limit ourselves with only some of them. Among presented teachings there are movements of the first centuries of Christianity and New Religious Movements of our times; movements that were spread in the West and in the East. Much attention was paid to religious movements within Russia.

There are seventy articles in the dictionary, it covers 250 names of movements within Christianity, has an extended bibliographical material and pointers.

The book is designed for a wide range of readers interested in history of religion.

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